Maryann Wright is throwing her hat back into the ring for Richland 2 School Board!

We will not stop until the work is done…Wright! It is the reasonability of the School Board to

  • Be the best example of an excelling school system

  • Cultivate and enrich the young minds of our students

  • Bring our communities together to ensure the succession of our children’s future!

School Safety

We must first address the pending concern in our schools and that is the protection from gun violence that is rapidly plaguing our communities. We must develop a multi-pronged approach that needs to be implemented providing schools the tools needed to intervene and stop school-based gun violence.

Mental Wellness

As we all undergo these changes and adjustments in these critical times of our lives we must not forget the wellbeing of our future generation and their mental state. Students today are under tremendous stress. We must implement forms of evaluation that address student’s social, emotional and behavioral components to ensure positive changes in the overall well-being of our students.


As board members, we must take responsibility for my actions; be it our successes or failures. Our community is ever changing and it is up to us to find adaptable and effective ways to welcome in those changes.

Community Involvement

As board members, it is important that we encourage our communities to be involved with developing the minds of our students. The connection between a well informed community and student’s success is undeniable! We will advocate for mentorships and opportunities for sponsorships and afterschool programs to help build the minds of our students.

Quality Teachers

We must search out for well trained and qualified teachers who are entrusted with the responsibility of developing our young minds. As school board members, we don’t wish to be subjected to choosing quantity over quality! We will develop training as well as up-to-date comprehensive strategies to recruit and retain teachers.

She’s Wright for the Job!

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